Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On Shore.....at home

Have you been hooked on Pinterest? I have!
You can find me on pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/khakifishsigns/

 If I ever thought I had even one creative bone in my body I realize now that I don't.  The things you can find on there are so great, so creative and so inspiring.  I'm trying to only pin things I'm actually going to cook or make.  That is a huge challenge.
  I've come across all the miniature gardens & have become quite fascinated/obsessed with them. Now I'm not saying I believe in all this fairy stuff  BUT maybe I can somehow get a little beach fairy around here.
 When I was little & living in TX. my granny told my sister & I that there were fairies living in the moss under a tree in her backyard. Sounded good to me. I've also let my daughter know that there are fairies living in the moss by our pool heater(it's pretty much always damp over there & the only place I have anything resembling moss)
  I also remember loving that part of Captain Kangaroo with the little people who lived behind the books on the shelf.
 So, who knows? Maybe if I build it, they'll come. So I gathered up some succulents from around my yard & a pot & some accessories. I wanted to create the obvious- blind pass beach. This is what I came up with complete with the shell pile. I used my mini's for the pile.

I'm certainly not going to win any awards with this, but it was fun & it'll look a little better when the plants grow some & maybe we add some more stuff. Here's a few examples of some from pinterest. And please, don't judge- I'm a sheller not a crafty girl! lol

My daughter is getting into this as well and wants to make some more so I'm sure we'll be checking out all the websites & pins on mini-gardening. Should be a fun thing to do together!

Enjoy your week!

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