Thursday, June 7, 2012

Super Low Tide: Little Hickory Island

My mom, daughter & I had a great beach day on Monday! We got to Little Hickory at 2 waiting for the tide to go out with low tide at 7:30 pm. I never get to go to the beach so late in the day during the school year so this was really cool.  With the tide so high when we got there it was so different at the point. My "shell-shelf" I'm always on was completely covered in water. Once the tide started really going out the shells & other sealife were really visible.
Would've liked to keep this one!

Horseshoe Crab
Baby Stingray
Blue Crab

Mom found this. It looks like the whelk has drilled into the other one for dinner?

                           There are 2 sea turtle nests at Little Hickory right now.

enjoy your day!