Thursday, March 31, 2011

I MAY be a shell hoarder- but at least I'm organized now

When I came home from the beach last week I set my shells in the garage so I could clean them up the next day. I had many weeks, possibly months, worth of shells in that pile. So- I got in gear and sorted and organized them. Huge task!

Misc.- but at least separated.

Back off family: This is my shelf!!

In the office
As I walked thru the house I became super aware of how many I had. Yikes!

In the family room


Window on Lanai 

It was funny though because when I was thru sorting- I had a big bag of misfits that I don't even know how they made it to my house. So, I took them and dumped them in the parking lot at Algiers! Isn't one mans trash another mans treasure? haha

Algiers Beach - Beach Birds

Came across this walking down Algiers. It  took a dad & son 7 hours. I thought it was really cool. Look at all those shells- they did a great job!

near the parking lot   

Royal Terns- How cute are they?

Black Skimmer

Thursday, March 17, 2011

You've got to know where to go!

A few years ago I was told by a friend that there was a cool place to look at exotic birds on Sanibel. I thought he was talking about the birds outside Jerry's Foods. But no- it's a little more hidden than that!

Not only are there birds, swans & ducks- they have lemurs! No, I don't know why, but it's fun!
After walking around Periwinkle Park for a while, we headed over to Lighthouse Beach before heading over the causeway.
Sanibel Lighthouse was built in 1884. 

Algiers Beach

In the parking lot
Algiers Beach on Sanibel Island is known for it's great shelling. Easy to park and get over to the beach. Restrooms, showers and picnic tables make this park easy to stay all day. Which we sorta did! Lots of stingrays out today. It's been a while since I've seen them.
 Found a variety of shells on the beach today. And a nice piece of driftwood.                                      
Slipper Shells  
Look at that one Paper Fig-those are great!

Whelk Egg Casings

Pen Shell

Mom found a Baby's ear-  I'll be on the lookout for one now! Very cool.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lovers Key State Park

Entrance to the park

Spent the day at Lovers Key.  It was super windy and the tide was coming in while I was there.  It was gorgeous nevertheless. Lots of broken shells today. So as every sheller knows, you've gotta move to Plan B- go for what's there. And WOW- the mini's were awesome! I've been collecting them and trying to fill up this 3 inch tall jar. It's taking quite a while! Fun though.
You can see how small they are compared to the dimes.

I've got a ways to go!

39 seconds of Relaxing Sounds-Enjoy

Monday, March 7, 2011

Junonia's - Will I ever find one?

I've lived in SW Florida for 10 years now.  That means I've been searching for a Junonia for 10 years! It's like looking for buried treasure.  I always find it funny that the vacationers come down and bam- Junonia. There they are standing on the beach with that Junonia in their hands just smiling away!
Not the best looking Junonia

Well, at least I have this one.  My mom found it on Algiers Beach on Sanibel.  No, it's not all there, but at least I have something! I didn't even find it and I got excited!
Not exactly what I have! How pretty is that?!