Saturday, May 5, 2012

Barefoot Beach Preserve

I go to Little Hickory Island shelling alot. Every time I go, I pass up Barefoot Beach.There's no reason for it, just a habit. I felt like doing something different that day.
 We have had crazy weather the past week. The day I decided to go it was really chilly and wild winds. I packed light since I didn't think I would stay too long. I didn't bring my wheelie thing to haul all my stuff around. Well, I arrived at 9:30 to this beautiful view.
From first glance the shelling did not look very promising. To tell you the truth, I was really just planning to find worm shells. My friend Jolie has helped me with the 'expect nothing & then you're not dissapointed' way of thinking. It's really helpful! haha Especially when shelling.
I really wasn't seeing much by the water so I headed up on the shore to a decent sized shell pile. I had planned to walk the mile & 1/2 to the pass later. But, while digging a lady approached and asked me if I was a sheller? Yes, I answered and we started talking and it turns out she is on my fb page. Her name is Kelle & she is a new resident in our area. Small world! Well, she said I needed to get to the point- there were tulips and lots more. She had me hold her bag to see how heavy it was- OMG- insane. She had to get going so off I went. I could never have imagined the amount of shells I would find! It started getting very shelly the closer I got to the point.

 There were so many live shells! Although super cool to see, I really wanted them to hop out of their shells for me!

When I looked in this pen shell this is what I found! 2 murex's just sitting there- empty! score!
crazy amount of shells
I ended up staying until 4:30. I certainly didn't take into consideration the amount of shells I had picked up & the looooooonnnnngggg walk back.
This is what my table on the lanai looked like once I got home. And I'm not going to lie- they sat there for a week! haha 
 On my way back towards the parking lot I also found a sharks tooth.  I'd love to show you the picture but I put in the pile of  shell 'misfits' that somehow got in my bag and tossed them, along with the sharks tooth, in my flower bed with all the other broken shells! whoops.
It was a great day at the beach & I look forward to going back soon.
Enjoy this Super Moon tonight!


  1. What a bonanza! I have to check out where this beach is at.

  2. If you need directions, just let me know :)