Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shelling Marathon

So mom & I headed to Little Hickory Island on Thursday. We had all day to be at the beach and planned on enjoying it until I had to pick up my daughter from school. We ended up staying for 7 hours! Which means we were non-stop shelling for 7 hours, with little breaks for snacks of course. We aren't those people who go to the beach to relax & read a book. (not that there's anything wrong with that :)

Mom hard at work :)

Beautiful as always
He sat here while I had lunch

Look at him! ewww
yep, they're all still here- hahaha
Gaudy Natica's
At the end of the day- this is what I had found
 The tide was coming in all day and bringing with it plenty of shells. I ended up finding 34 olive shells!
Lettered Olives

I got a really cool video of a fighting conch that I put on my facebook page-
so check that out if you have time.

We had a great day shelling but I have to tell you, I was exhausted! Shelling for 7 hours is rough on the back! However, I'm ready to do it again & can't wait to get back out there!

Hope you have a great 1st week of April!


  1. Wow...nice work for just one day! Spent last weekend in Vero Beach and got a few good ones, but not many...

  2. Wow - looks like a fantastic day. I'm going to have to look up Little Hickory Island. I don't know where thats at.

  3. Thanks Deej. The best shelling is on the west coast.
    Kim-it's in Sw Florida. It's beautiful!

  4. Nice finds! What a great shelling day!
    The only time I relax on the beach is if there aren't any shells rolling in! LOL and it IS exhausting :D

  5. Wow!!! Great shells!!! The naticas are fantastic. It is hard to find one, let alone three. What a day. Capt. Brian