Monday, September 3, 2012

After Tropical Storm Isaac-Barefoot Beach Preserve

As I write this I have seen the destruction that was caused by what became Hurricane Isaac. Here in SW Florida we were ready for what we were being told was coming. Luckily for us, it moved west. We bought all the water, gas, food, and  had the generator ready to go. I moved all the plants in & took care of stuff on the lanai. It was a good reminder of what you need to do to be prepared for hurricanes.

After everything settled down and the weather cleared up I went to Barefoot Beach.
The waves were unbelievable! It's normally so calm here in SW Florida so it was really cool to have such a different experience at the beach.

If you've ever taken the trail, which is a mile and a half to the end, you know how cool it it is. I wasn't exactly ready for it to be flooded though. Luckily hubby was with me so he could carry me through it! haha but it had lots of 'wildlife' swimming & the what-not and it was a little gross for me.

Once you get to the end you are rewarded with gorgeous views!

Turtle nests

Although I didn't find many shells here that day, it was still so fun. I'm looking forward to my next time!


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