Friday, July 8, 2011

Lovers Key

I wish Lover's Key had camping! How great would that be to shell, ride the trails, kayak, shell, have a picnic, shell.....    You get my drift. Florida State Parks really do a great job! I'm hoping to become one of the Friends of Lovers Key this year. Then I'll have an excuse to go more often!
Sandcastle Mere & Jim made
Meredith heading to the beach
We went on July 3rd- so the beaches were pretty crowded. We were just coming off like a week of rain & clouds so hitting the beach was a must. So glad we went.
Good things come in pairs!

It's been a while since I've found so many olives!

Did I mention my husband came? He started a rock collection(or something) :)
My heart shaped rock!


  1. I love those white rocks with all the small holes in them..., found some here on Miami Beach too and will take a few smaller ones home. Saw an awesome large one..., but I can't be hauling rocks on the plane, haha. Check out my weekend post..., I featured your Ft Myers shot with all the great colorful houses!

  2. so pretty I hope to make it out to Florida someday. We don't find shells like that out here in Cali at least not so many at a time, they seem so plentiful.