Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Hickory Island

Summer break is almost here for Lee County. I've got 10 days until the kids are out of school. I have to get in some quiet beach-time before then! Went to Little Hickory yesterday.

I wasn't finding too many keepers until I got to the second jetty area. Big shell pile! yay me!

Lots of worm shells & jingles

These will go great in my "shell top" collection
                                             Beautiful day at the beach!


  1. Love and savor those pre-summer school break!

    Happy long weekend -


  2. I love the worm shells you get....the ones I get on Sanibel rarely have the point on them, nearly all of the ones you get have them!! They look almost like augers!! Thanks so much for sharing the shell pics...I need a fix from way up north in my cubicle....but I'll be back at Sanibel in about 3 weeks!

  3. Access 10 is one of my favorite places to shell on the west coast of Florida. We found the path behind the tennis courts on the north end by accident. It's a fun place. Thanks for sharing.

    Take good care,