Thursday, March 31, 2011

I MAY be a shell hoarder- but at least I'm organized now

When I came home from the beach last week I set my shells in the garage so I could clean them up the next day. I had many weeks, possibly months, worth of shells in that pile. So- I got in gear and sorted and organized them. Huge task!

Misc.- but at least separated.

Back off family: This is my shelf!!

In the office
As I walked thru the house I became super aware of how many I had. Yikes!

In the family room


Window on Lanai 

It was funny though because when I was thru sorting- I had a big bag of misfits that I don't even know how they made it to my house. So, I took them and dumped them in the parking lot at Algiers! Isn't one mans trash another mans treasure? haha


  1. That is an AMAZING collection you have - quite impressive. I just found you (thanks to Shellbelle's sidebar) and am enthusiastically following you now. Come by and say hi sometime...

  2. Thanks for your kind words!

  3. I never tire of seeing other people's shells. I am of the zip loc bag/see-through shoebox variety as well. Love that big jar of jingles. Those are getting harder & harder to find anymore. When you say Algeriers Beach is that Gulfside City Park? If so that is one of my favorite spots on Sanibel.

    Take good care,


  4. I am so glad you found me~I knew I had found a kindred spirit with the first words I read! I look forward to seeing what you do with all those pretties. Thank you for the kind welcome!

  5. @Kaybe- yes, same beach. It is great isn't it?
    @Carla- same to you!