Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 days until Christmas 2012!

Greetings from cloudy but 77 Fort Myers Florida! Since going back to work last September after being home for 11 years with the kids I never take the time to write on my blog. But.... Since I'm home for a few days because I had an allergic reaction to a medicine & I'm as red as a tourist, here I am. Fun to be back.

It's such a busy time of year with work, shopping & preparing for Christmas. I haven't even gotten my shopping completed! Yikes!
Amazing how it feels like I was just dressed up in my 80's costume for Halloween.

My in laws were just here for a visit from Texas. Always lots of fun! Funny thing though- they're not beach people! I know, it's hard to imagine such a thing!!

My husband has an interest in bonsai trees- come to find out in north Ft Myers there is an unbelievable bonsai store/garden. Here's a few pictures. Truly amazing!

I just found this funny- swimsuits & coats side by side. Hahaha. I'll stick with swimsuits.

Talk to you soon & happy shelling!